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October 22, 2014, 10:03 pm
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Bishop's Half-Marathon Blog Archives for 2013-03

You can't gloat all the time ...

Wow ... less that a month left before the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon.


Sunday, I ran 10 miles in the rain ... in the cold, cold rain.


You know, it's a form of meditation like none other.


Jogging a long distance takes a long period of time and will teach you a lot about yourself.

At the beginning of this whole training thing, when I was smoking cigarettes and eating garbage, I never thought I would get to the point where I've dropped 35 pounds in 2 1/2 months, and able to run 10 miles in one run.


I'm impressed with myself.


But really, it's just about getting out and doing it!


I'm not gonna lie, I love people saying "you're looking great!" or when someone I haven't seen in a couple months says how much more vibrant I appear.


Plus I feel better.  I have more focus and energy than I've had in a long time!


I'm on my way to pull off 13.1 miles.


The really cool thing is, I'll get to see all those historic Lincoln sites in a pretty unique way--Pushing myself further than I ever have! 


Before the race, I have to go and talk with the crew at AthletiCare to fine tune my technique.  


Plus I've gotta get with The Running Center for some running provisions. 


Want to run with me?  It's not too late to register for the half-marathon.  Get to!


There is a limit to how many runners there can be and registration so far is up, from what I understand!  Be sure to register early to save money! 


Anyways, you can't gloat all the time.  Tomorrow I've got to put down 6 miles.  Friday it's weights.  Then Saturday, it's a nice easy 3 miles (never thought I'd say 3 miles was "easy").  Then Sunday, it's my fun-day, run-day Sunday with a big 11 mile jog.  


My body aches just thinking about it! 

The right fit for those long runs ...

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I'm sitting here, getting ready to run 5 miles. A couple of Sunday's ago, I was looking at 9 miles! This Sunday (with a rainy forecast) I have to do 10 miles. "Then it's up to 11 miles the next run-day fun-day Sunday," I say in somewhat of a scared and sarcastic manner while knowing the sense of accomplishment, yet pain, I'll feel afterwards.


I can do this! I'm already way further than I thought I'd ever be. 3 miles doesn't seem like anything to me now, where just months ago it was daunting. Again, the info I got from Jason and Jeff at AthletiCare was great. Plus, I've had some great tips coming in from all kinds of channels--Twitter, Facebook, emails (don't worry, I'll get to yours!) :D So, thank you all for your support. I may not be the quickest (by any measure) out there April 6th for the Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon, but I will finish the 13.1 miles, jogging most of it if not the entire thing.


Springfield Running Center

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Now, in order to do a big run properly, I have to have the right equipment. When it comes to running, the Springfield area has a gem in The Springfield Running Center of West White Oaks Drive. There, you'll meet Derek. Dude has run more miles than I can even imagine, so he knows his stuff.


I went in there having run on some old and even flimsy running shoes. These things were falling apart. After every mile, the insole would start finding its way out of the shoe while I was running. It was seriously uncomfortable.


I met Derek who checked out my arches, the width of my foot and suggested I go a few sizes bigger than I do my typical everyday shoes. He says that when you run, especially long distances, feet are going to swell. It's kind of gross to think about, but he says what's even more gross is the blood in my feet not being able to circulate properly and toenails turning black and falling off. I went with his recommendation.


After getting several different options in my size (plus a size-and-a-half or so), I went back in and tried 'em on.


Both have a great feel and are perfect fits ... but I think I want the shoes that have a bit more cushion. Nice.


Shoes aren't all The Springfield Running Center offers. Derek showed me some anti-chafing stuff that is amazing, because let's face it, when you're running that far, you're gonna have some rubbing and possible chaffing ... Just ask Derek about the dreaded "bloody elevens".


I've already run in the snow, this weekend, it's gonna be rain ...
I've already run in the snow, this weekend, it's gonna be rain ... 

Anyways. The Springfield Running Center can equip your run with not just accessories like wicking wear, gloves, socks and even an assortment of ways to stay hydrated, but Derek and his staff have plenty of tips and tricks to get through those big runs.


If you're looking for a one-stop running store, get to The Springfield Running Center!


Here's to a few more weeks of some good runs ... and here's to trying to stay dry while running in the rain.


Maybe I should give Derek a call and check out the options for waterproof long-distance running.


Comments? Please leave below, send a Tweet or drop me a line.


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