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October 21, 2014, 10:11 pm
Greg Bishop Contact Greg Bishop



Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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Toynbee Idea, Arms Trade Treaty, Defining Fascism, & Economics

Today on Saturday Session: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, Arms Trade Treaty update and Durbin's response, defining fascism, economics and more. Don't miss the crucial information with Saturday Session from 3 to 7p CST on 970 WMAY.  Did you miss last week's show? Be sure to check out the latest podcast updates for Saturday Session!

Toynbee Idea!


Have you ever heard of the Toynbee Idea? If you've walked around the streets of Philadelphia or Manhattan, DC, St. Louis, or even some places in South America, you may have seen these mysterious tiles in the most odd places talking about Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and a concept of resurrecting the dead.

There's a fascinating documentary called Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of The Toynbee Tiles and it depicts a group of would-be detectives on a quest to decipher the tile's message and find out their origin. It's a true life, multi-decade long, tale of a message that spans from tiles on roads to shortwave radio broadcasts and even a internet message boards and it's conclusion can only lead to more mystery. Listen in for Bishop's review of this fascinating documentary.

Arms Trade Treaty

Gun control sculpture outside UN building in New York
Gun control sculpture outside UN building in New York

The Second Amendment is so important! There's a reason it's number two after freedom from religion, free speech, press and assembly. We've discussed the right to keep and bear arms on Saturday Session and now it's time to pick it up a notch. Several weeks ago when Jesse Ventura was a guest on Saturday Session, the Arms Trade Treaty was brought up.

Ventura said we better keep tabs where it's at and where's it's headed. Media reports indicate that the treaty, which is speculated to mandate a global gun registry, could be signed by the president in August.

Saturday Session was able to catch up with Senator Dick Durbin and the question about the treaty was posed to the senior senator from Illinois. Listen in to see where the treaty stands and where Durbin stands on the treaty. That's ahead with Saturday Session.

Defining Fascism

Fasces, the symbol of Fascism, in the halls of congress
Fasces, the symbol of Fascism, in the halls of congress

Friday, during Jim Leach's Butt-head of the Week program, several people called up saying that America was turning socialist or that it was becoming communist. Though the right-wing rhetoric would like you to think that's the case, the country seems to be on a steady path towards Fascism with a big "F."

Saturday Session will define fascism and why America is slowly turning into a merger of big corporations and big government. We'll start our journey by looking at famed WWI general Smedly Butler and the planned fascist coup of America in the 1930s. Thought the coup was outed then, did it stop and where on the fascism continuum are we?

Economics with Michael Schussele

Then at 5p CST, Saturday Session welcomes back Michael Schussele to talk about a myriad of important economic news. We'll talk jobs data, the latest bank fiascoes, the Euro-zone and even what the Health Insurance ruling from the Supreme Court means for health insurance and hospital stocks. Also, we'll dive into the market conflict of the savers versus the speculators. Don't miss this important conversation of macro and microeconomics.

News on the March

We'll close out the show with News on the March to talk about some of the stories that may have been overlooked this past week. Got something to add? Call the show live by dialing 217-629-7970 or you can email

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Is there a past Saturday Session you missed? Be sure to check out the recent archives.  Want to get some classic Saturday Session podcasts?  Contact Bishop at  You can also check out Bishop's video work on YouTube, follow him on Twitter, connect with him on Facebook and even find him on Planet Infowars.

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