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October 23, 2014, 5:11 am
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Aurora Shooting Victims Deserve Real Answers

"Temporal illusions"

James Holmes in court--from ABC News
James Holmes in court--from ABC News

Just days after 12 people lost their lives and over dozens of others were shot in a hail of senseless gun violence, the one suspect in the crime appeared in court.  

An obviously drugged-upped James Holmes appeared before a judge today to face charges he opened fire on a sold out premier of the latest Batman movie in Colorado.  

Since Friday morning's shooting

Over the weekend police were able to dismantle and detonate some of the bombs hooked to booby traps in Holmes' apartment.  

These were devices that police said were sophisticated beyond anything they had come across before.  

News media rushed to find out as much as they could about 24-year-old Holmes and were able to dig up that he was brilliant, had just began withdrawing from a prestigious neuroscience PHD program, and gave a speech several years ago about "temporal illusions."

Monday morning news comes out that Holmes had requested to be part of a shooting range club and the operator had nothing but strange things to say about his limited communication with Holmes.

The more that comes out, the more absurd it all seems.

Truth is stranger than fiction

Surely you've already heard the whispers of "Manchurian candidate" or it's a "conspiracy," right?  If not, you should tune in more to people's conversations about this story at the water cooler.  

Here's the deal--there are so many angles that help bolster the possibility of the shooting being a psychological operation.

Firstly, what is a psyop?  A quick review of historical intelligence tactics will produce a plethora of examples of unimaginable black ops: false flags terror attacks, propaganda campaigns to sway entire populations, and even how to use brainwashed assassins.  

These things are used to frame reality for the public and spur on a certain outcome the engineers desire.

Need examples?  Operation Northwoods, Operation AJAX, Gulf of Tonkin--these are just the declassified examples.  There are other notable examples from other countries like the Reichstag fire.  

There's also the false flag/psyop model apparent on 9/11, 7/7, The Oklahoma City Bombing, and others.

In these examples there is a tragic event meant to get attention.  An enemy that can be blamed for making that tragic event happen.  A response to the perceived problem and solutions provided by the powers that be.

Not only do the tragic events result in the public begging for some kind of solution, it also plays on the public's psyche that there is a constant threat to their safety.  Totalitarianism requires fear to be engrained in society.

The false flag model also has a pre-packaged story ready for the media, which would include a patsy, and also official foreknowledge of the event.

How does Aurora fit in?

The suspects car outside the theater from MSNBC
The suspects car outside the theater from MSNBC

Firstly, the initial information is projected by all media outlets that 14 were dead.  That number dropped by two.  Immediately when the story broke, it was reported authorities had the suspect in custody.  

He didn't use any weapons against police and surrendered peacefully.  

We heard over and over again that there was no one else involved and that they had the only suspect.  

How could police be so sure? 

We then find out the weapons and gear used in the rampage.  Some estimate the gear (guns, ammo, explosives, and armor) could cost upwards to $20,000.  How could an unemployed PHD student living on a government provided stipend afford that kind of equipment?  

It was also reported that the suspect told police that his apartment was booby trapped.  If the shooter's goal was to kill as many as possible, why would he tell police about the booby trapped apartment?  Also, later reports about the suspect contradict the initial willingness of Holmes to give information.  Over the weekend, police said Holmes was being uncooperative.

This just doesn't add up.

Foreknowledge, or just inclination? 

Even creepier, there was a table top exercise of the exact type of operation that took place just hours after the shooting just down the road.  

PLUS there was a mass shooting drill that had been planned for months by Prince George, Washington, authorities conducted on July 20th--the same day as the shooting in Colorado.  Not to mention an FBI flyer released weeks before meant to raise awareness of possible theater shootings.  

Is this eerie foresight or evidence of foreknowledge?   As with 9/11, there were drills of the exact same thing taking place before that fateful day.  Also, the day of 7/7, there was a drill of that same scenario taking place.    

Case Closed?

In another bizarre move, the judge presiding over the case said the documents would be sealed.  Surely this is so Holmes can get a fair trial with as high profile as the case has been to this point.  With the case being sealed, the public won't find out if the FBI had Holmes under surveillance before the shooting or any other information like possible prescription drugs (though it is reported that Holmes took Vicodin before the attack).

Questions that need answers

One thing to look out for is who will James Holmes' doctor be?  Who will his representation be?  Right now he's got a public defender.  But that could change.  Could he be given a handler?

Also, another lingering question, who's the mentor that James Holmes referenced in the video ABC News obtained over the weekend.  In that video, a younger Holmes tells a science camp that he is continuing his mentor's work of "temporal illusions."  This sounds like something out of MKUltra, a declassified mind control program funded by US taxpayer dollars.  

Real, not pre-packaged, answers

Those who lost their lives and their loved ones deserve a full investigation.  The survivors should demand justice and complete transparency of the record.  These may be "absurd" questions, but it's not absurd given modern history and the tactics governments use to gain compliance from their subjects.

Not to inject politics, but I'm not the only one who thinks this tragedy is conveniently timed for the signing of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

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