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October 20, 2014, 4:16 pm
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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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Durbin says 2nd Amendment About Hunting, End of Posse Comitatus, Wars & The Economy

Catch Saturday Session every Saturday from 3 to 7p CST, only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield! Did you miss last week's show? Catch the most recent podcast updates with the Saturday Session Podcast page. Tonight on the show we've got News on the March, econ-talk with Michael Schussele, America's foreign policy, the end of Posse Comitatus and the real reason for the Second Amendment!

Latest on Colorado

We'll start the show to talk about the latest developments in the case against James Holmes, the 24-year-old suspect in the Colorado theater massacre. Since last week, media reports indicate that the psychiatrist who received the notebook from Holmes was indeed treating Holmes. Dr. Lynne Fenton was also on the university's threat assessment team. Media reports also say that she did tell the threat assessment team that she had concerns about Holmes. Will anyone be held accountable for inaction? We'll also cover some of the more wild theories about the connections of Holmes' family to the military industrial complex.

The Second Amendment, according to Durbin

Calls for gun control have grown even more since the theater massacre. We talked last week about the move in the Senate to amend a cybersecurity bill to ban high-capacity magazines (anything over 10 rounds). This week, Governor Pat Quinn used an amendatory veto to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines on a bill regulating online ammunition sales. The Illinois General Assembly must address the amendatory veto, but Governor Quinn did use the Colorado shooting and recent Northern Illinois University shooting as the reason for gun control. Senator Dick Durbin agrees with Quinn. Watch the Senator's response to the issue of infringing on the rights to bear arms here:

Senator Dick Durbin talks about infringing upon the Second Amendment

The real reason for the right bear arms

I had a caller from Thursday who directed me to a moment of history I was not aware of. We'll re-air that called and explore the article from this month's VFW Magazine he referenced. If you didn't catch my blog post about the call, you can see that here. The above referenced story not only highlights the importance of the second amendment, it also shows how people should be able to defend freedom at all costs--right here in the United States! If we infringe on the right of the people keep and bear arms and only allow police, the state and the military to have arms more than the general public is allowed to have, we, de facto, live in tyranny.

Video still from Russia Today video showing national guard mixed with police in California
Video still from Russia Today video showing national guard mixed with police in California

Posse Comitatus

Recent developments in Anaheim, California, show the true end to Posse Comitatus, one of the fundamental policies that for years has kept this country free from tyranny. We'll talk about the National Guard being used to police protests and also discuss what the people of Anaheim are upset about.  Of course, this was put down on paper by President Obama's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act which officially ended Posse Comitatus.

Foreign Policy

The situation in Syria is getting louder and there are reports that the rebels could be "support" from other nations, including the US. Are the rebels al-Qaeda? What should America do about this? What is the UN doing about it? Also, we'll talk about the ongoing illegal war in Somalia with the US using drones and about the continued acceleration of the war against Iran. Did you catch this?  Last month former POTUS Jimmy Carter wrote a scathing article about this administration's foreign policy. Read "A Cruel and Unusual Record."  We'll discuss it tonight!

Schussele on the economy

We'll bring on Michael Schussele to talk about the economy and the Federal Reserve's response. Plus we'll get into more about the Libor scandal and the fallout--who will be held responsible? And, did you hear Timothy Geitners' response about the economic crisis, what he knew and when? We'll cover it all plus, what about HSBC entangled

News on the March

There's more news than you can shake a stick at! We'll run though a whole cacophony of stories that aren't getting the necessary attention. No, we won't talk Olympics, unless it's about Police State London and how the games are being used to hide the turmoil all around the world.  And, no, we won't talk about Chik-fil-A and how some Americans are more upset about a private company owner's stance on gay marriage, unless it's to talk about how the state should just get out of the marriage issue all together.


That's all ahead with Saturday Session only on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Don't miss it!

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