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October 22, 2014, 9:24 pm
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The Council Roundup

The Council Roundup, Wednesdays at 10 with Bishop On Air


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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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Public Access, Committed for Free Speech, Judge's Comments & More

Public Access, committed for free speech, judge says there could be civil war, the taxpayer cost of court, gun violence, and more--that's all ahead with Saturday Session on 970 WMAY. Listen live online and worldwide at from 3 to 7p CST.

Public Access Channel 4

All day at the Tin Can Pub, downtown Springfield, The Access 4 Producer's Group is holding a fundraiser! There will be live music from area bands, live-to-tape interviews of some of the big names in Springfield public access and also some of the best Access 4 productions will be featured on the big screen all the afternoon and evening until 1 in the morning. We'll check in with A4PG throughout the show, talk about the importance of public access and remind you to donate and get involved! Can't make it out for all the fun? Visit to donate securely online.

Brandon Raub

Brandon Raub being cuffed on his way to being committed
Brandon Raub being cuffed on his way to being committed

What has become mainstream news and circulating the rounds on some talk shows has serious implications for the direction our society is going. If you haven't read the story of the marine who was forcibly "committed," while under duress, to a psychiatric hospital for postings he made on a Facebook page, you can get the latest here. Something this program has experience for it's entire existence is a seemingly constant campaign to disenfranchise and discredit an open discourse of non-traditional or mainstream thoughts and opinions. "Got the tin foil hat on?" "How's that Kool-Aid? This attidude towards exercising inquisitive thought is not just dishartening, it's dangerous. There are already call from very loud speakers to medicate or commit people who say something that goes against conventional political dialog. Not that I support Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but look at how much flack he caught for joking about his birth certificate!

Coming Civil War?

Judge Tom Head talks about a possible civil war

A judge down in Texas is calling for more taxes so he can have some well trained backup in case President Obama gets reelected and brings in the UN to ease civil unrest, or possibly even civil war. We'll dissect the judges comments (linked here) and also look at some evidence of how US sovereignty is already being threatened by the United Nations. Is this all just crazy conspiracy theory or should people really be concerned, regardless of who is in the White House, about the sovereignty of this country? We'll get to the bottom of it tonight on Saturday Session!

Taking the government to court

What happens when government, or it's employees, go wild? We've seen our fair share of instances here in Springfield, and in Sangamon County in general. Be it deaths in the Sangamon County Jail or cases of discrimination in Springfield and elsewhere--taxpayer dollars are being eaten up by costly lawsuits being settled out of court. We'll discuss the pros and cons of settling out of court and just how much some recent incidents have cost taxpayers right here in central Illinois--most of which we'll cover involved police.


We'll quickly just evaluate what went down in New York City where a handful of people found them selves on the other end of a shootout Friday. Was it really a shootout? We'll dig into the forensics of the New York shooting where 10-some-odd people were injured in crossfire from police bullets after one person killed his former coworker and then got shot by police. Also, what about that super-duper survielance state in New York City? Plus, how could we not talk about the gun violence in Chicago and the state's attorney who is unwilling to enforce concealed carry laws?


News on the March and more

There's so much news this week, it's gonna be difficult to cover it all, but we'll attempt to blow through some of the major stories that may have been missed. Plus we'll talk about the upcoming political coronations ... er, I mean conventions where party platforms and, in particular, the GOP nomination will officially be made. By the way, did you see that Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul will not be speaking at the GOP convention?

Go beyond

Is there a past Saturday Session you missed? Be sure to check out the recent archives.  Want to get some classic Saturday Session podcasts?  Contact Bishop at  You can also check out Bishop's video work on YouTube, follow him on Twitter, connect with him on Facebook and even find him on Planet Infowars.



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