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October 23, 2014, 2:59 am
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The Honeypot or Blackmail--It's a Four-Star Circus

Media pre-sells shakeup without Petraeus

Sounds like some intense, quirky, spy-romance-comedy that keeps getting more bizarre. What happened? There was a story shortly after the election that there would be a shake up in the Obama cabinet. The story said that Clinton was going to be stepping down as Secretary of State. There wasn't any mention in the before linked ABC News story about Petraeus, but now we know he has stepped down.  Even an Associated Press story from November 8th mentions Clinton, Treasury Secretary Tim Gietner and others, but not Petraeus.  Why?  That's because the story of 2012 has been dropped on the world in fine style.

High-stakes love story

Paula BroadwellSo why did Petraeus step down?  The story is all over the media.  Does this  have anything to do with it? Late last month Paula Broadwell, CIA Director's David Petraeus' mistress and biographer, gave a speech at the University of Denver.

In her remarks she stated that there were Libyan militia members being held by a CIA annex, and that was the reason for the attack.  This quote can be found anywhere the question of national security weakness is brought up ...

"Now, I don't know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually, um, had taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that's still being vetted."

Watch the audience question about Benghazi and Broadwell's response in the video below:

There's more to her comments, and as we'll discuss filling in for the Kramer Show.

Details of the affair are all over the place with CNN reporting on the timeline, and CBS even talking about the way Broadwell and Petraeus communicated through the draft folder of a private email account (a tactic used by teenagers and terrorists, says CBS News).

Now, we could go further and further into a spiraling, out of control mess of scandal and sex, but let's get to the root of what's happening here. Petraeus was to testify Wednesday before congress about the Benghazi attack. He's not, but a subpoena to Petraeus to appear in front of congress may still happen.

"Although Petraeus has left his post and his biography has been removed from the CIA Web site, congressional leaders continued Monday to demand that he be prepared to testify in a hearing this week on the events surrounding this year's Sept. 11 attack on a U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans,"

reports the Washington Post

David Petraeus

As much as the the current administration and it's backers wants the fumbled response to what happened in Libya to go into the annals of history without further scrutiny, it's still a big story that the American people deserve all the facts. Was the consulate housing militia prisoners? And, also important, why is the CIA working with al-quada militia in Libya, Afghanistan (80s war vs. Russia) and what seems to be the case in Syria with the recent remarks from Syria's Assad

Also, why is the media more inquisitive about every detail concerning sex scandals, but when it comes to the increasing use (both foreign and domestic use of and collateral damage from CIA drone strikes doesn't get nearly the amount of press, compared to these recent headlines. RT's Gayane Chichakyan asks the profound question in this video clip.

Another big thing that may get overlooked by the ongoing developments into several sorted affairs is who will take over one of the world's largest and most powerful intelligence agencies? Will it be someone from inside the organization or will it be Obama's Counterterrorism Tzar? Please don't let it be the latter.

Blackmail or the honeypot

Honey PotIs the story now just about an intelligence officer getting together with an admirer outside of his marriage, a women who then sent seemingly threatening emails to another of his close lady friends?  Is that all that is going on here, or is this a honeypot being exposed to control how information is released to the public.   

If you've never heard of a Honey Pot for human intelligence gathering, read about it here.  Essentially, it is the act of using sexual seduction as possible blackmail to further a certain cause or to collect on a ransom for documents or intel.

There are also many cases of the FBI investigating and cataloging the sexual tendencies of high-ranking officials and activists, as pointed out in a recent book.  

Does the case have anything to do with that?  Is this a spy vs. spy, or C.Y.A. type of situation and some dirt was brought out to take someone down and discredit them?  It was reported by several organizations that Petraeus was honest about his affair with the FBI and would have stayed on at the CIA if the affair was kept out of the public.  This thing went public.

The take away ...

We are easily distracted, to the extreme. The euphoria of the elections have been hijacked with sex and scandal. This story, and the subsequent fallout involving another woman, another top ranking military intelligence figure in John Allen who is up for consideration to be the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, will continue to get get headlines while the drone war and supporting terrorist by proxy continues. Will we ever learn?

BTW--outgoing US Congressman Dennis Kucinich is holding a special congressional briefing on the US drone program November 16th. Wonder how much press that will get ...

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