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October 23, 2014, 1:38 am
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The Council Roundup

The Council Roundup, Wednesdays at 10 with Bishop On Air


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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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Drones, Chemical Weapons, Public vs. Private & the Tale of John McAfee

A full four hours of Saturday Session goes live at 3pm CST. Listen online at and take part in the conversation by calling 217.629.7970.  Tonight on the show we'll talk the media's drone smoke screens, the Syrian chemical weapons propaganda, public sector employees fight for more and internet privacy.  That's all ahead with Saturday Session.

Smoke Screen

A small ScanEagle drone in flight
A small ScanEagle drone in flight

Earlier this week, the repeated stories from ABC News and the Associated Press were laughable.  You can read the blog "How To Sniff Out a Smoke Screen" from earlier this week.  The issue of drones is not isolated to the US Navy, as the media reports would make it appear.  Actually, the CIA has drones all over the world!  Iran news state that the Pentagon is confirming this week's capture drone is indeed an American made drone, but the US mainstream media will continue to tell you that all the Navy's drones are accounted for.  We'll discuss this story all in the context of knowing that the CIA has infiltrated our media (and media from other parts of the world) in order to promote a particular narrative that keeps the public in the dark.

Chemical weapons

Target Syria
Target Syria

Stop me if you've heard this one. 

There's a country in the middle east that is being brutal to their people and they have a cache of chemical weapons they are ready to use on their citizens.  If they do, the world police will step in and rain hellfire on everyone. 

Yup, that's the line now with Syria.  Sounds very similar to the lies ... or I mean lines ... that were delivered nearly 10 years ago when revving up war with Iraq. 

The signs are clear, there will be a conflict above and beyond the civil war in Syria.  With NATO providing Turkey with missiles ... who knows what's next.

The Public Sector

I heard a remarkable statement on Frank McNeil last night.  A caller called in to talk about how the public sector (government) should be held to the same standards as the private sector (mp3 download).  The caller was referencing the teacher certification FUBAR with District 186.  McNeil disagreed with the caller saying that the two entities shouldn't be held to the same standard. 

So when government screws up and lies and manipulates and cheats and is corrupt, they shouldn't' be held to the same standards?  We'll re-air that call and have an over arching conversation about the role of the public sector. 

Should it be a career position?  Or should it be more like a kind of requirement? 

Here are my thoughts: If you want to get tuition taken care of, you go work for the state.  It's your option, but the state's not gonna pay you that much.  And they should move you out and move newbies in regularly.  Get your experience, and your tuition to a state college and move on. 

No more career statists.  It's breeds corruption and quite frankly a complete lack of understanding where the funds come from. 

We'll get more into the perplexing dilemma of private vs. public sectors tonight on Saturday Session. 

Internet privacy and McAfee

John McAfee and a writer from VICE ... this image got McAfee caught
John McAfee and a writer from VICE ... this image got McAfee caught

The story of John McAfee is deep and quite fascinating.  Last update was he is being held by Guatemalan authorities for entering that country illegally. 

He's been on the run from Belizan authorities where he's wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbor, another American. 

McAfee was successfully "on the lamb" for weeks.  The news would report that he was wanted for murder, but they wouldn't really give any other details except to talk about his eccentric past, his love of guns and his affliction with woman. 

The internet security founding father did something stupid, however, and got caught.  What did he do?  We'll hear from John Bambenek who was one of several digital forensic consultants who noticed a picture uploaded to the internet by McAfee had the geo-coordinates embedded in the image.  Read that story here.  That eventually led to McAfee being picked up. 

We'll also dig into McAfee's story--a tale he claims stems from his refusal to fund the corrupt politicians of Belize.

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If you missed a recent Saturday Session, be sure to check out the podcast page for updates.  Also, you can follow Bishop on Twitter and "Like" the Bishop ON Air Facebook page.  Want even more?  Find Bishop ON Air on YouTube.

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