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October 22, 2014, 10:50 pm
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The Council Roundup

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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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Session Brief: Guns, Geopolitics, 2012 and More

Tune in to Saturday Session from 3 to 7p CST on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield, for four hours of hard hitting, unapologetic political analysis you won't find anywhere on your central Illinois radio dial.  Unable to pick up 970 WMAY on you AM radio, don't worry, you can listen to the stereo stream online at  We'll start it off to talk about the latest details from the shooting in Connecticut, talk about Illinois' gun laws, cover geopolitics and rumors of wars, wade into the 2012 "prophesies" and more.

A political cartoon from

Problem, Reaction, Solution

The tragic deaths of more than two dozen people, mainly children, at Sandy Hook Elementary Friday is absolutely gut wrenching.

How can we forget the mall shooting in Oregon from earlier this week?

Or how about the past few years of events where a gunman with more than enough ammunition enters a place were unarmed people are just standing around to be victimized.

By the way, the two cases from this week happened in places that were gun-free zones, meaning regardless of the state's carry law carry guns on that property was prohibited.

The scourge of mass deaths due to firearms is a problem. That is not debatable. But are gun laws really the problem or is there something more at the core of causing people, young people, to snap?

An overwhelming number of these cases involve culprits who are prescribed medications to ease psychosis or depression.

Sadly there is a growing number of the public that is becoming okay with the idea of curbing the rights of citizens to own and carry fire arms.

The propaganda from the media, from politicians, is all hypocritical and hugely out of perspective.

Hundreds of children died from US drone attacks in various countries around the globe. Not to diminish what families in Connecticut are going through today, but we, on the outer rings of sorrow, should see the grand scope of things before we react in favor of a solution to disarm the public, or severely limit their access to guns.

This on the heals of an Federal Appeals Court ruling that Illinois has 180 days to institute some kind of carry law that can have reasonable limitations just as long as it doesn't infringe on the Second Amendment.  Read this week's blog titled "Concealed Carry Debate a Waste of Time" for some perspective.

It's time to dissect the Second Amendment.

What is a well regulated militia? What does it mean by "the security of a free state"? The definition of "keep and bear arms" is indisputable. We'll dig deep and also hear about what could happen if the Illinois General Assembly fails to pass the lawful carry of firearms.

Patriot Missile Battery on the Turkish Border
Patriot Missile Battery on the Turkish Border


While Americans are focusing on the tragedy of Sandy Hook, it's easy to overlook what's happening in and around the globe. Syria is boiling over. Things are getting out of hand.

Troops are being sent, Patriot missile batteries are being positioned, NATO is ready to defend Turkey from any spill over. The pieces are in place, and the propaganda set ... the game is on. It's time for another round of humanitarian kinetic military action that is sure to last much longer than 90 days.

We'll get the latest news and evaluate what's going on with North Korea rockets and space satellite, the drones reverse engineers in Iran and the push to control the Internet and also to convince people carbon dioxide is evil.

December 21st, 2012

People are having a lot of fun playing along with the myth that the Mayan calendar shows the world is going to end this Friday. There as much fun being had by those seeking to "debunk" those myths.

But what can really be garnered from the Mayan calendar?

Upclose of Mayan Calender

Is it time for people to become aware of the Great Year or the eras of Taurus, Pisces, Aquarius and others? Or how about the polar shifts and solar storms?

What could the changing of the Earth's position in the universe do to our understanding our true insignificant existence in the universe?

We'll discuss the more convincing 2012 theories tonight with Saturday Session.

News on the March

A staple of Saturday Session, we'll cover a slew of news stories from the past week and also have open calls for you to sound off on whatever you think went under-reported from the past week.  Can't call in at 217-629-7970?  Drop an email with your thoughts.  You can also Tweet a message @bishoponair or use Facebook to comment below.

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