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October 21, 2014, 12:24 am
Greg Bishop Contact Greg Bishop



Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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It's Called Culture Jamming, And It Works!

There's gonna be some talk in the next few days about the Alex Jones, Pierce Morgan display (can't be called a debate) from Monday night.

Having been a listener to The Alex Jones show, and having had Jones on my WMAY radio program back in 2006, I feel it's important to sound off.

Jones took advantage of two cable TV segments to disrupt the flow of week's worth of severely slanted gun-control propaganda.

Agreeing to be on with Pierce Morgan allowed Jones to get in front of a sphere of people who would not have seen him or heard what he has to say before seeing him last night.

Pierce Morgan vs. Alex Jones

Even Morgan's guest in the segment afterwards pointed out that Jones got in front an audience that would have never seen him before, Morgan and guest Alan Dershowitz just hope you think Jones is crazy because he would not play the mainstream media niceties--and maybe you do.  But Jones got his airtime and then some.

There are the countless replays the following morning on the news magazine programs. The news made news again ... what a joke.

I'm sure a ton more people tuned into Alex Tuesday morning, or checked out his websites an saw the mountains of information and the size of his impressive media outlet, built from the ground up.

Something else Jones pointed out was the sponsors on many cable TV programs include the likes of big pharmaceutical companies pimping certain blends and concoctions to make you more happy and docile and put up with the stress at work ... the same companies that produce countless drugs being prescribed en-masse to our nation's children (the same type of drugs many of these recent mass shooters have been prescribed--but don't go there).

"But Greg, your radio show 'Saturday Session with Bishop,' is sponsored by a gun manufacturer."  Yes, you're right.  But my guns are not being prescribed to your children by the pharmaceutical companies.  The Second Amendment is a right, not drugs pushed through the FDA by revolving doors.

But really, what does the Jones/Morgan display matter? Nothing to me, because I don't subscribe to CNN. I don't subscribe to cable, or satellite.

Now I do subscribe to some information outlets but they don't pay me to advertise for them and obviously I'm "online".

The straight shoot 

There wasn't Monday night football, and not everyone was "roll-tide."

CNN needed to get some ratings for their drug manufacture sponsors, so they took advantage of it.

For weeks, Morgan has been conducting deplorable attack interviews with gun advocates, framing the debate against the victims of recent mass shootings. It takes a special kind of propagandist to use the death of children to advance opportunistic power grabs.

Because that's what gun-control is ... it's about power.

The second amendment has been a balance of power against tyrannical government for sometime in the is country. It's worked.  

Don't Tread on Me

The Second Amendment was put in by the states to ensure there was a check against the possibility of a tyrannical Federal Government.  

eh 'Hem ... should I drag out the litany of travesties conducted under the banner of the Fed's alphabet agencies? 

"But if the government really wants to kill you, they will," the naysayers proclaim.

Tell that to the hundreds of millions of guns in this country and the tens of thousands of Americans who know how to use them. Also, tell that to the hundreds of thousands of veterans and service members who would rather die than take up arms against their fellow countrymen.

You tell the spirit of 1776 that tyranny, in any form, is coming and the individual spirit will awaken. Liberty will triumph every time!

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