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October 22, 2014, 9:58 pm
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The Council Roundup

The Council Roundup, Wednesdays at 10 with Bishop On Air


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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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Session Brief: Weapons, Illegal War, CODE RED and More

Tonight on Saturday Session: Carroll Quigley's take on weapons, how "the government" wants you to protect yourself, "HEY! That smells like another illegal war," David Kraft from the Nuclear Energy Information Service, The freedom of being undocumented, and CODE RED! Oh, and News on the March with your phone calls.  Tune in from 3 pm CST (local high school basketball will preempt the show at 6:15).

The truth about weapons

To open the show, we'll talk about the recent blog post "The Truth About Weapons." And the truth about weapons is this: We live in a totalitarian state. Specialist weapons are in the hands of the elite minority and that tell the majority what to do. These elite minority are working to give local and state law enforcement "specialist" weapons and take away or redefine the "amateur" weapons for you an I. This all comes from several passages in Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy & Hope, a book that should be required reading in order to understand the minds of the elite power brokers.

On the issue of self defense, we'll talk about what the government wants you to do in order to protect yourself. These tactics include urging women to use a tongue depressor to gag them selves and throw up on a would-be rapist to grabbing a pair of scissors from your desk at work to jump an active shooter. Watch the video from The Department of Homeland Security below or at this link.

The best comment I saw on the above linked video is "Glock beats both paper and scissors." I'd venture to say Glock even beats rock. It would actually be quite humorous if it weren't so frighteningly sad and disturbing that your tax dollars are used for this kind of propaganda. It's one thing to be prepared, but for there attempts for disarmament and from the same power structure attempts to get you to protect yourself from a madman with a gun, it's just sickening.


A school in Albany, Oregon, does a code red drill with real guns

There are several anecdotes that should be shared on the air ... One has to do with my direct involvement in several behavioral conditioning exercises while attending a public high school. One involved me pretending to be a blood-covered prom goer getting out of a wrecked car at an assembly.

The other has to do with not fully participate in a drill involving and "active shooter." In the shadows of a suburban Chicago school doing a Code Red drill and planning to use a gun to shoot blanks, I feel I have to share a story on the air about code red drill in my school.

I graduated high school just over a year after Columbine happened (yes, that was just over 10 years ago .. I know, I'm a young pup) and that meant all schools were clamoring to find a way to prepare for that type of thing. Students knew all about the drill, but not when it would happen. Well, I ended up in the principal's office with several friends after the drill that day getting the third degree. Listen in to find out why.

Undocumented freedom

It's difficult to get away from the push to provide some kind of amnesty. Even here in Illinois, it is now law for illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses from the state. But is there a down side to the push for some kind of amnesty and how could that amnesty infringe on Americans rights? We'll go through some of the instances. But another anecdote. A couple of years ago I was asked to speak at a May Day event. Instead of talking about workers' rights, I instead tried using humor about illegal immigrants to make clear that the government wants to catalog those of us who are legal or natural born.

My joke was this: "I wish I was an illegal immigrant. If I was, I think I'd be more free." The crowd didn't get it. I then continued, "illegal immigrants don't pay taxes! They won't have to get a REAL ID card as lawmakers say it would be a national ID card issued to legal Americans. Illegal immigrants also won't have to comply with Obama Care." There were several other points to the joke, but you get the drift. It's Americans who are being required to start jumping through more hoops while criminals get to bypass the law. Welcome to America!


We'll then get into News on the March, where we'll talk with David Kraft from the Nuclear Energy Information Service. News this morning has it that there the Feds are accusing Exelon of not having sufficient funds to cover possible nuclear disasters. Kraft will join the show to provide some deeper perspective about the problem. Don't miss it!

Also on News on the March -- On the local: Obama Care will cause headaches for the city, more taxpayer funded major party primaries, TIFs come into focus, and eminent domain, plus we'll get into recent Fluoride studies, the US Senate confirmation a Skull and Bones member, Hagel's sideshow, Israel strikes Syria while the US heads to North Africa, and terrorists don't want us in Turkey

Have something to contribute?  Call in during the show at 217-629-7970, or you can email Bishop, send a Tweet, or comment using Facebook below:

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