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October 23, 2014, 2:58 am
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The Certainties of Life: Death and Taxes

Tomorrow is Emancipation Day in DC ... that's right.  The day after the income tax deadline, our nation's capital will be celebrating the end of slavery. 


Some people may claim it's ridiculous to stand by the statement that "Taxation is Slavery."  But it's important to note that the state will use violence (through the barrel of a gun) if you don't comply.  Sure you don't have the shackles on now ... but you just test it and see what happens.  You will be a slave of the courts, of the investigators, of the auditors, of tax man.


There's been some discussion about the use of the statement "taxation is slavery," with the rebuttal being you are free to go if you so choose.  But maybe, to be more clear, we should say "taxation is like being a house slave."  That's because you are given a perception of freedom to wear nice clothes and stay in the house and serve your master, but the minute you try to escape your true bondage, you'll be hunted down by the posse and held accountable for going against the master's orders.

Saying this doesn't mean I'm opposed to paying for the services from our government, that's not what this is about.  However, I am sick of funding incompetence and malfeasance.


Here's something I posted on a Facebook thread:

Every cent I spend is taxed, and that's the truth. It's not just what I spend that gets taxed, it's what I save that gets taxed. It's not just what I spend or save that get taxed, it's any INCOME I take in gets taxed. There's really nothing left for the state to continue to tax. Even in death, there are taxes. In particular, I have a huge problem with property tax and income tax. I will never truly own my house. Even if I pay off the loan plus the usury, I would still owe property tax. If I don't pay that, my property could be taken AT GUN POINT (unless a sheriff refuses to evict, but that's up to each individual elected sheriff). The income tax is a direct tax on personal income, something the constitution originally and specifically EXCLUDED (for a reason). I'm suspicious of the 16th Amendment and and feel the watchers weren't watching. I demand a 28th Amendment to reverse that. We did it with prohibition (a failed example of government intervention into personal liberty), why can't we do it with the direct income tax (another failed example of government intervention into personal liberty) [emphasis added]. I understand the precious, yet failing, public school system gets funds from the property tax (so do corporations that want to develop property who get kickbacks through TIF $$$), and government is bloated with 95% cost in personnel, but really. Let's look into what the US did before 1913. Keep in mind, the income tax, the IRS and the Federal Reserve have only been around for 100 years. It's time has come!

Listen to my thoughts shared during Saturday Session below or at this link:



You are a slave to the state and the quicker you wake up to it, the quicker your children will truly be free.


By the way, the ACLU says that the IRS can read your email


Have some time today to watch a very eye opening documentary? 


Watch Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism that goes into the Income Tax, the Federal Reserve and how America is not what you think it is.  Watch the documentary below or at this link.


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