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October 21, 2014, 10:13 am
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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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The Markets, Drills, Saudi Connection and Poisoned Packages

Surely there are already about half a million blog posts out there about the eerie similarities between the 9/11/01 attacks and this year's Boston Marathon Bombing, but I figured I'd share my initial thoughts.

Charts of the put options on United Airlines and American Airlines, both had planes hijacked on 9/11
Charts of the put options on United Airlines and American Airlines, both had planes hijacked on 9/11

The markets

Just before 9/11/01 there was some major movement in the stock market.  


The morning of 4/15 gold and silver plummeted to two year lows.  


Probably nothing there, but still worth a note, right? 

The drills

How many drills were going on during 9/11? I believe there's a USA Today article "Drills Eerily Like 9/11" that talked about the drills. There was also audio released of air traffic controller tapes with one person saying "I've never seen so much 'real-world' stuff happen during an 'exercise'."


Were these guys, who appear to be private security of some kind, running a drill?
Were these guys, who appear to be private security of some kind, running a drill?

There were drills, also known as exercises, just before the Boston Bombing. One runner remembers hearing announcements about exercises over the loudspeakers. How many different agencies were involved?  There are a ton of pics showing private mercs there before and after the bombings.  Were they involved in the drill?


To really sell drills being a huge telltale sign of a false flag is the example in the London Bombing of 7/7. Visor Consultants were there doing a drill when the same exact thing goes on.

The Saudi connection

The day of the 4/15 Boston Bombing there were reports of a Saudi national being questioned at the hospital. Reports even went as far to say that The First Lady, Michelle Obama, visited the Saudi national in the hospital. He's not a suspect, according to DHS. But according to several sources, he is on a terror watch list and is being deported.


What's the Saudi connection with 9/11? Well ... just a few. But directly with this line of thought is the group of Saudis who were flown out of the country the day of and days following 9/11 when all Americans were grounded.

Poisoned packages

A letter containing anthrax that were publicized by the media
A letter containing anthrax that were publicized by the media 

Oh, and how could we not forget to mention the letters of ricin being sent to elected officials? That's like a page from the 9/11 terror campaign playbook ... if you can recall, and surely your memory isn't that bad, there were a series of letters sent to elected officials and media types just a month after 9/11. Don't forget that it ultimately came out the 9/11-era anthrax came out a US military base.


Weren't they trying to sell us it was Iraq that sent the Anthrax? Either way, definitely another bizarre similarity.


I can go on and on and on with finding the similarities, telltale signs, and bizarre coincidences with this and other "false flag" attacks, but I've got stuff to do!


First off, let's simply define what a false flag is.

False flag: covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are ...

because of something else. We could drone on to discuss the particulars of what did and didn't happened on these fateful days, and who was responsible but I want to go a bit further beyond the actual event.


Regardless of who's behind it, for me false flags can also mean taking something after it happens and using it to further a particular policy or political position of control. That was clear with recent shootings.


Instead of placing the blame on psychotropic drugs and a breakdown of the mental health and pharmaceutical industry, some in congress decided to capitalize on firearms being the problem ... a false flag. I know, it's a totally different understanding of the term, but we're allowed to define our terms!

One thing that isn't the same between 9/11/01 and the Boston Marathon Bombing is the awareness level. At least more people are asking questions today and the internet is providing an avenue to bypass the mainstream media gatekeepers.

What else?

It was said earlier that "those guys who believe in false flags think everything is a false flag" and that is farthest from the truth.


Militarized Police going door-to-door in the Boston area

For me false flags are apparent because they are immediately used to seize upon restricting rights and controlling the public.


9/11 gave us the US PATRIOT Act, War on Terror, and other atrocities. The Boston Bombing is getting the public used to the idea of TSA style screenings at sporting events.  It's also the end of Posse Comitatus, and the end of Habeas Corpus.  Need a translator? That's keeping military from policing the streets and due process--both of witch precedent was set over the weekend.


False flags also act as a distraction. Over the past week CISPA, which is being dubbed the Patriot Act for the Web, passed the US House.  Let's not be distracted, people!


Don't take your eye off your liberty, regardless of how many false flags are thrown at you.


For further research on false flags, look into Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio and the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

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