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October 19, 2014, 11:21 pm
Greg Bishop Contact Greg Bishop



Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

My Pages:

JFK's Assassination: Reverberations 50 Years Later

There are a ton of remembrances, documentaries, and movies out there about in the mainstream that seem to provide you details about the life and times of President John F. Kennedy, but few of those get into the nitty-gritty details about how he died and who may have been involved.


My broacast career has been dead-set on providing the WMAY audience viewpoints you won't necessarily hear anywhere else. I strive to provide a different angle to most stories. My work tends to dig deeper than just what's on the surface, and the issue of JFK's assassination is a prime example of that.


I don't just provide you with some ramblings about the great feelings of adoration that came out the Camelot--I try to show you that there are powerful interests who didn't like the status quo being threatened. With that, I provide you with a set of interviews I did with authors of books that call the official Warren Report, the report put out almost immediately after JFK's assassination, into question.

Ventura, Corsi, and Stone

First up is the interview with jerome Corsi about his book Who Really Killed Kennedy. Corsi's book is extremely thurough and a must read for any JFK Assassination buff. Get that podcast here. The book goes into so much, it can't be boiled down to a mere review or even a podcast. You've got to pick it up! I encourage you to order the book here.


Next up on my round of interviews was with Jesse Ventura and his book They Killed Our President. Ventura boils things down nicely to address some of the most pressing questions about the assassination and the cover up. Get the first two segments of my interview with Ventura here: Part 1, and Part 2. Part 3 of the interview featuring more about his book and other issues will air Thursday, November 21st. Be sure to check out the podcast page for Bishop On Air for more updates.


Finally, I was able to talk with long-time Richard Nixon aid Roger Stone about his book The Man Who Killed Kennedy. Stone's book lays out the case of how and why President Lyndon Johnson was involved in the assassination. What was Johnson's character? Was he known for playing dirty tricks on his political opponents? Again, another book you've gotta get your hands on. Hear my conversation with Stone with the podcast here.


These are just a few of the books out now providing details about Kennedy's death and the aftermath.


What do I think? I think there's a ton more to the story than can't be covered in a few books or interviews. I think this skit by the late comedian Bill Hicks lays out what is really going on behind the scenes in the highest levels of politics and secret governance.



The political elite in this country have for years used blackmail and other nefarious means to get their way and to further their agenda--regardless of right/left politics. Kennedy bucked the CIA with the Bay of Pigs and Operation Northwoods, he blasted secrecy of a shadowy government, and he wanted to reign in the Federal Reserve, to name a few things ... these things couldn't happen if those in power wanted to keep their power. When there is someone in their way, the elite have networks to not only take that individual out of the equation, but to also coverup the crimes and make investigating a crime convoluted to the point where anyone questioning their official story is taken on a wild goose chase, regardless of being on the tail of those involved.


One question I posed to the three authors I talked with was "what are the reverberations still being felt after the JFK assassination?" The answer I've come up with is that blackmail of high level politicians by the powerful power-brokers is real and has deadly consequences. With the NSA's spying apparatus dominating the news, we need not only be concerned with the gross wholesale violation of our rights, we should also be very concerned with the potential and likely blackmail of our elected leaders in all levels of government ... of our supreme court justices ... of our president.

Hidden gem

Back in 2005 I was the front man of a band named Sons of Lost Liberty. One of the songs I most cherished, and still do to this day, is the song "Majick Bullet" from our self-produced album Ordered Chaos. Here are the lyrics:

Something went wrong here.

Back, back and to the left.

They took him out because he stumbled into Northwoods

He wanted to abolish The Order


Will live in infamy


Back, back and to the left


The badge man was across the knoll

Poppy did it, it wasn't LHO

The single-magic-bullet theory 9-11 truth is rearing

Back, back and to the left


They took him down,

They changed the route,

They took their shot

and then they got

back, back and to the left


Something went wrong here

You can hear that song here or embeded below:


Magic Bullet from Sons of Lost Liberty on Myspace.


For more songs from my defunct band, Sons of Lost Liberty, check out the Sons of Lost Liberty MySpace page here.


And, as always, think for yourself and question authority!


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