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October 22, 2014, 6:59 pm
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The Council Roundup

The Council Roundup, Wednesdays at 10 with Bishop On Air


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Morning-drive news anchor and reporter, Greg Bishop also hosts Bishop On Air, Weekdays from 10 to noon, CST.

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Legislators Think You're Dumb, The CIA, On Rights and More

Greg Bishop broadcasts from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library every Thursday. Tune in to 970 WMAY from 9 to noon for live and local liberty-minded talk you can't find anywhere else in central Illinois. Today we'll welcome some special guests and cover controversial topics you need to know about!


Guests -- We'll be joined by several guests today to highlight the arts and the community. First up we'll air an interview with Shawn Smith, a Professor of the history photography. Professor Smith will be presenting the history of African American photography this evening at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.


After 11 o'clock we'll be joined by Michelle Higginbotham to talk about a partnership between Enos Park and Allied Waste. How could this partnership be a model for other communities throughout the city? Tune in for more!

Legislators think you're dumb

There are several things on the front of lawmakers thinking the public are morons. First up is President Obama touting over 7 million "sign-ups" and saying that the law is here to stay. Firstly, no law is "here to stay." There are plenty of laws that get overturned. Secondly, sign-ups doesn't mean the premiums are paid or will get paid. Let's see that number before we let the "why don't people want others to have insurance" propaganda set in. Obama thinks we're nothing but children with no means to make decisions on our own. Quite sad, really.


Then there's state lawmakers wanting to legislate common courtesy. The proposal making it through the state house to ban smoking on state-funded college campuses (not just in dorms or office, but also outside). Here, lawmakers think you as a non smoker don't have the backbone to ask someone to either extinguish a cigarette or move from an area you're enjoying fresh air. Are you done being babied? Why don't they take a look at how to streamline government services instead of looking to legislate common sense.


Two issues concerning the CIA--Firstly we'll go over the report a Senate Intelligence committee is expected to declassify a report about torture. The CIA is reported to disagree with the findings ... of course they are. We'll review the whole saga today with Bishop On Air!


Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that the the US government through USAID supported a social network in Cuba that was meant to spur on dissent in that country. This is a perfect example of an interventionist foreign policy and also hints and the US government (through an unchecked CIA) being involved in uprisings elsewhere throughout the world. This is big issue that doesn't win us many friends around the world. It must be exposed and stopped.

On rights

Comments made to a Facebook thread from earlier this week concern mental illness and firearms, but also touch on other "rights"

"the Bill of Rights is intended to be a list of things the government cannot keep you from doing. For instance--Government can't restrict your speech or what you print or who you pray to or who you associate with. But, with those rights comes responsibility. As John said earlier you could be in a situation that requires you to run through a theater screaming "FIRE," and are free to do so now! But, if your actions are shown to restrict the freedom of or harm others then you are responsible for what happens and should be held liable. The same goes for all other rights, not limited to the First Amendment, Second Amendment, or any other human rights outlined by any body."


On mental illness and guns


"On the mentally ill and firearms: Current Illinois law does ban the mentally ill from having guns. And I think you'll find nearly every gun owner agrees that guns should be out of the hands of the mentally ill. But the government doesn't follow through on their end. If someone goes through the legal system and is known to be mentally ill it is supposed to be put through the system and flagged upon those background checks that statists advocate for. But, since precious government that we worship and praise with taxes (just threw up a bit in my mouth) can't do their job, some want to put more laws infringing more and more on the individual. Not having it."

Gun-Free Zones

Another gun-free zone, another mass shooting, and this time another tragedy on an army base within the US. From an emailer:

"Army personnel are not allowed to have or carry live firearms or ammunition unless they ar MPs or Criminal Investigations personnel unless under direct orders. In other words, base personnel are unarmed. Some base commanders also do not allow firearms in assigned family living quarters. Some military commanders also do not allow firearms in the off base homes of active duty soldiers under their command. You get on base with a live firearm and opposition will be slow in coming."

Government funding

If there's time, we'll get into the funding for education and infrastructure. Asking for more money from taxpayers, or diverting funds from other services to make up for education, infrastructure or even public sector pensions doesn't fix the problem of mismanagement by government. If new revenue through taxation and fees is passed, that is like giving a kid more candy for eating the candy of others. There's a ton of disconnect here that needs to be corrected before hitting up taxpayers for more money.


Sound off with Bishop On Air from 9 to noon on 970 WMAY, The News and Talk of Springfield. Listen live and call 217-629-7970, email, Tweet or Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the podcast updates with the Bishop On Air Podcast.


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