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October 21, 2014, 2:03 am
Poll Results
Should the city of Springfield implement a residency requirement for future city employees?
Not sure  

Listener Comments
Anonymous selected No
and wrote with all the other more important things ot worry about( the new junk powerplant that is always breaking and the money the cwlp gives out that supposedly they dont have )they worry about nonsense that is not going to help the city.

Richard selected No
and wrote I worked for Bell Telephone later to become Ameritech before I retired and there were many employees that lived outside the Springfield city limits, me being one of them. The company appreciated our work and the fact that we didn't live inside the city was never mentioned.

Ben Ghazi selected No
and wrote Of course not, this will become a source of inside corruption, where SPFLD will have more HACKS than professionals. (not counting Professsional Hacks)

Mike horn selected No
and wrote I say charge out of town employees of every business a fee for using our roads just like they do in Omaha,Nebraska

Ed selected Yes
and wrote As a condition of employment an employer has the right to mandate you live in the same city as your employment. An applicant is free to say, "No thank you."

Anonymous selected Yes
and wrote If only city residents were voting, it would be 70% YES

john rodems selected No
and wrote I will agree with Jim on this sorry former Alderman I love ya,but dude as long as they give revuene to the motels or even other counties who cares.IT is the people aready bringing money in ,Look I live off South Lawarnce,butt I go to Shop and save and County Market to shop,but when I am at my moms place ins Petersburg,I go to County market here.but who sooner or later Chatham and Petersburg will belong on county lines.They will belong to SPringfield,ill maybe by 2020.Just saying

SS selected No
and wrote Can you how imagine how many petty fights will be had because one district has more city employees than another???? GOOD LORD!

We shouldn't give Sangamon County businesses 5 points of consideration for contracts either.

Julie Becker selected No
and wrote Absolutely NOT. This makes no sense any day of the week. And there has been no good reason brought forward EVER. Stop it, move on, there are more important problems in this city, like the fact that we have some of the worst roads to drive on and our crime rate is escalating.

Yes all the way selected Yes

Matthew selected Yes
and wrote I live in Quincy IL. And they have a residency requirement for the City Police and all of the city employes. I think it is a good thing. I lived in Springfield back in 2007. If these people want to get a job with the city of Springfield. They should live in Springfield for at least a year.

Anonymous selected Yes
and wrote Bet the poll results would be at least 65% yes if we exclude non Springfield residents

Anonymous selected Yes
and wrote how many police and fire are taking this poll?

Anonymous selected Yes
and wrote only spfld residents should vote in this poll

Anonymous selected No
and wrote The city needs to hire the best workers---based upon merit--not where they reside

Anonymous selected Yes
and wrote Only SPRINGFIELD RESIDENTS will be able to vote in the refrendum. Who is voting in your poll?

Anonymous selected No
and wrote I'm a city employee and live outside the city. Why? I wanted to live in the country and I purchased 5 acres in Menard County in the late 90's for half the price of a lot in Springfield.

I show up to work on time never been snowed in, more than I can say about fellow employees who live in the city. My work ethic and how I do my job is no different than a resident.

This is nothing more than an issue of control!

Vickie Sturm selected No
and wrote Can this city and the folks that run it get any more ridiculous!?

Anonymous selected No
and wrote Most employees, who do not live within city limits, live within Sangamon county and do most of their shopping in Springfield. This referendum, in my opinion is a waste of time.

Anonymous selected No
and wrote Police support all surrounding towns, firefighters are paid by the surrounding communities for fire protection, CWLP is paid by utility money which comes from - You guessed it surrounding towns and Springfield.

We need to show ourselves as the hub of a larger community, not be narrow, behaving like a petulent child. "No these are my jobs and I'm not sharing"

How would we like it if other communities started buycotting Springfield events & stores? We are all in this together. Act accordingly

Taina Long selected No
and wrote I don't think it should matter where you live. We don't require teachers to live in the district they teach in. Same thing~

Anonymous selected No
and wrote Why only city employees. Based on the reasons I've heard from the people voting yes, they favor township employees living in the township they work, all school teachers living where they teach, etc. The city is running out of water and we're going to waste our time discussing whether or not a janitor ought to be forced to life in the city limits. Are we willing to pay secretaries more money to live in the city limits if we're going to require them to pay in city limits?

Anonymous selected Yes
and wrote Bishop's show is so much better than the clown Ray. You guys need to find a job for Ray other than on the air.

Kay Morris selected Yes
and wrote My particular preference is that police and firefighters reside in the town they protect and vote for that govt. of the city they work in. Outside communities have their mayor and city govt. they vote for so should find ways to support the growth of their city. I would put a timeline on hires and those that apply would live in Springfield. I do agree that the best qualified should get the job but I don't like a City resident apply and is qualified and a resident say in Rochester would get the job.

Jim C selected Yes
and wrote for sure. if you work in the city , you should live in the city

Anonymous selected Yes
and wrote Those that say no, for the most part do not live in Spfld. You are right that everyone working here should have a vested interest. I know a lot if people from Chatham who work in Spfld and could care less about Spfld.

Anonymous selected No
and wrote Set a date and if you are hired after that date then you have to live inside the city limits -- no exceptions!!!!!!! There are enough qualified people int he city looking for jobs so they dn't need to worry about hiring qualified staff.

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